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Healthy Living for Mom: Have a plan!

I had another great week...right up until the weekend when I took an epic nosedive off the eat well wagon.
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I had another great week...right up until the weekend when I took an epic nosedive off the eat well wagon.

We hosted a BBQ at our house and I knew what was on the menu—Hamburgers, Hotdogs, chips, assorted sides/salads, and cookies and ice cream for dessert. The cooler on the deck was full of assorted soda and my very favorite beer. My plan was to enjoy my delicious burger with a few salads and water. I was going to skip the cookies and ice cream. Not because I’m a rock, but because I was going to indulge in even better ice cream the following night while I watched True Blood. (It was going to be my little weekly treat.)

So, I had this plan. I was cozy with it. I was not pining for chips or for cookies, or even for my very favorite beer.

My plan got hijacked by BBQ late-comers and no-shows.

We delayed dinner.


Somewhere around the 90 minute mark, I fell face first into the chips.

Hey! You know what goes well with salty chips? A cold beer, that’s what. *sigh*

When dinner was ready, I loaded up my plate, and CHOWED DOWN. But I was still hungry. Like, eat another plate-full, hungry. But instead of making another plate, I visited the cookie basket. Over. And over. And over.



The next morning, I woke up and cut myself some slack. One evening isn’t going to kill me, especially after a great week of eating well and working out.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. I’m working late, everyone is in bed and I am consumed with the knowledge that there are 4 leftover cookies sitting on the kitchen counter. I really have WAY too many things to do to be thinking about cookies at 10:00 P.M., but here is a rough approximation of the thoughts that were skipping through my head.

I want a cookie. I want a cookie. I want a cookie. I want a cookie. I want a cookie.

Just one cookie.

*I go upstairs to get one cookie*

I want another cookie. I want another cookie. I want another cookie. I want another cookie.

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Just one more won’t kill me. 

*I go upstairs for one more cookie*

I want the rest of those cookies. 

I should eat all of the cookies tonight, so they don’t tempt me tomorrow. 

*I go upstairs and wolf down the remaining two cookies*



I thought a lot about what I would have done differently in this situation. I had a lot of resolve until I became ravenous. Then, after I binged at the BBQ, it felt a little like, “What the hell, may as well eat those cookies. I already blew it.”

Next time, I’ll make sure to have some healthy appetizers hanging around (I guess there IS a reason for those veggie trays, after all) and since the BBQ was on my turf, I could have easily tossed a few chicken breasts on the grill.

Next time I’ll send ALL of the leftover cookies home with my guests.


  • Starting Weight: 195.5 pounds
  • Week Two Weight: 192 pounds (+.5 pounds this week)
  • Goal Weight: 165 lbs

What’s your plan for parties and get-togethers? Indulge and make up for it later? Pick and choose the healthiest available? Even if it means skipping something fabulous?

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