Head Lice Prevention

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Why are hats allowed in preschool? I think we need to start a ban. Seriously. Dress up in play shoes, try on the tutus and firefighter jackets, but ditch the hats. It's in the best interest of EVERYONE.

It's only week three and lice have already paid a visit to my daughter's preschool. We're talking head checks at the door. When I got the "health alert" email last week, I swear my head started to itch as I read the word LICE. When I got the second "health alert" email, I started sweating.

I DO NOT want the lice to come visit us. Hence her fancy pulled back hair this morning as she trotted off to school. Do you know that if you have head lice you have to wash and bag all of your stuffed animals? Have you seen the Costco bear? What kind of bag would I use for this big boy?


If head lice strikes your child's class, and I really hope it doesn't, here are some ways to stay a few steps ahead of the lice...

Wash bedding and recently worn clothing in hot water.

Check all family members once a week.

Watch for the scratching. Good news. They don't jump or fly. THANK GOODNESS.

Your lucky dog and cat will NOT get head lice.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

Use shampoos that contain coconut oil, olive oil and tree oil. They hate the smell. And you might too, but then again, it might be a good trade to avoid this...


Try not to have nightmares...

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