Happy Memorial Day

We hope you enjoy the first holiday of summer! Here are a few resources for crafts and keeping your family safe.

Whether you're visiting loved ones who have passed, BBQing for the first time this season, or on the road for adventure, we hope you have a happy Memorial Day.


If you need a few ideas on how to celebrate, here are a few Memorial Day foods and crafts to get you going. If you're trying to keep it traditional, here's how we're teaching our kids to remember this Memorial Day. And, finally, stay safe out there with these Memorial Day safety guides.


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Memorial Day Plans for 2011

Memorial Day is the start of the summer driving season, but with gas prices heading north of $4 a gallon, are you still planning on hitting the road? Where do you go when you pack up the family?

MamaResources: Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here! Chances are you’ll be grillin’ and chillin’ with your family and friends. But as you settle in to enjoy the holiday, we’d like to remind you to keep safety in mind.

Give a Holiday Movie Memory

Give a Holiday Movie Memory

I’m working hard at instilling a favorite holiday tradition of mine with my kiddos...packing in as many holiday movies as we can between Black Friday and Christmas Day. There is nothing better than popping popcorn, making hot cocoa, and watching our favorite holiday movies together.