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Handmade Gift Idea: Lace Cuff Bracelet

A friend needed a bracelet to cover a wrist tattoo for a new job, so we were able to go to the craft store on a mission.
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We spent a little too much and probably could have bought both of us bracelets for less, but the ones we made are beautiful and perfect. I love that the bracelet is light and that you don’t feel it on your wrist most of the time.


Thick Lace (measuring the same as around your wrist)

Thin Ribbon (just a few inches, check scrap piles!)

Toggle Clasp

Charm (other ideas are a cameo or a flower)

Needle and Thread

Candle/Lighter (to melt the edges of the lace and ribbon)

Sewing Machine (optional)


1.Melt the edges of your lace with a flame to keep them from fraying later on.

2.Cut your thin ribbon so that you have two pieces that are about two to three inches long each, and melt the edges of those as well.

3.Thread a ribbon through each side of the toggle clasp.

4.On one of the cut ends of your lace, fold it under and add the toggle. Pin it. Do the same with the other side.

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The back of the bracelet pinned and ready to be sewn

5.Using the sewing machine (or you can sew it by hand!) sew both ends of your lace. Try to stay as close to the edge as possible and use a very small stitch.

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6.Place your charm where you want it and stitch (by hand) or hot glue your charm to the lace.

These bracelets were very easy to make, and they are very pretty! I spent more than I normally would on the lace because I fell in love with it but when I make more I will be finding a way to save money on it whether it’s with a coupon or a sale!

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