Handmade Gift Idea: Cloth Height Charts

These are a great gift idea for parents or grandparents of small children.
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It could be a good baby shower gift too. Make sure to include a fabric pen with it!

The first growth chart I did was done all by hand. It took for-ev-er. The most time consuming part was that I hand-stitched the lines at every inch. The next one I took an amazing short cut and used a fabric paint pen for the lines and numbers at every inch. I then used too many little pieces and hand stitched them all on there. This time I was even smarter!

Materials Needed:

  • 4 1/2 feet by 6 inches of Fabric (it can be more than 6 inches in width if you want!)
  • Fabric Paint Pen
  • Regular Thread and Embroidery Thread
  • Silk Flowers, Butterflies
  • Buttons or Beads for each flower
  • Sewing Machine and Supplies OR Glue of some sort (that works for fabric!)
  • Two 6 inch dowels
  • Small piece of yarn or ribbon


1.First cut your fabric with a rotary cutter to make sure it is straight. Iron the edges down. Sew the edges down to keep them from fraying. Use the same color of thread as the fabric for this part.

2.Next fold the bottom of the fabric under, there should be about an inch and a half on the back. Pin it in place.

3.Now, line your fabric up next to a ruler. Make sure it is straight! The bottom of the fold should be at Zero.

4.Use the fabric pen to start marking your lines. Start at the 1. At the 6th line, mark a 2 by it. Continue your lines and at each foot mark the appropriate number. Go until you get to 5 1/2 feet.

5.Next, you will plan out where you want everything on your chart. Decide where you want your flowers and put a pin where each one will go.(You will sew these on last) Take your orginal pin from the bottom out.

6.Now you can change your thread out to green and start where your pin is and sew down to the bottom. I used a small zig-zag stitch for one and a bigger, closer together zig zag stitch for another. Both looked good. You could also embroider the flower stems instead.

7.For the flowers, start from the stem and sew away from it, when you finish the top half of your leave keep the needle down and lift the foot. Turn your fabric about 180 degrees and then finish the outer leaf shape. For the center, just use the reverse.

8.Next, switch back to the blue thread (unless you don’t mind a contrasting color) and refold the bottom of the fabric(the fold should be 1 inch below the first line). Sew a straight line just under the first inch mark.

9.For the top, fold it so that there is a little extra hanging behind the whole thing and sew a line about an inch below the fold.

10Next, stitch(by hand) the flower (with a button or bead in the center) to the fabric. If you have any butterflies stitch them on also.

11.Optional: Use a chain stitch to embroider the child’s name at the top. Use all 6 strands to make it chunkier and stand out more. You could also use the fabric paint pen here too.

12.Slide your dowels in the top and bottom pockets. On the extra fabric on the back top, write a message saying that it needs to be hung with the bottom 18 inches from the floor. You could also put a pocket for a pen here too.

13.Last but not least, tie your ribbon to the each side of the top dowel.

It’s a great gift for people with small children or for grandparents. I made the first one because it’s much easier to move than a door frame.

To see the designs of the first two I made click here.

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