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Handling Bad Play Dates

You're on a play date and your kid gets smacked in the head four times. Ready to go home?

We've all been on some GREAT play dates. But what happens when it's a get out of there as fast as you can kind of play date? There's not much worse than a play date gone south.

Bad Playdate at TodaysMama

They're awkward for the parents, miserable for at least one of the kids, and can cause a strain between friends.

Thankfully we haven't had too many of these so far, but the ones we have had have been memorable. I've seen my 14 month old get repeatedly smacked on the head (poor guy was a sitting duck), my daughter get pummeled at the park and one or two where the kids JUST don't get along.

And this is just the kids. That's not even touching on other moms. Just because your son likes little Mikey from preschool definitely doesn't mean that you want to hang out with Mikey's mom who just might be a crazy lady.

Moms are blessed with rockstar instincts and instincts are usually right on the money. When you have a bad feeling about the situation, your child adamantly doesn't want to go on the play date, or you're concerned for your child's safety, it's time to skip the date. Or if you're feeling particularly straight forward, you can always try to discuss it with the other parent.

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Or if the idea of that scares you, visit Bad Playdate. You can anonymously submit your own horrific play date story to share, or read along as she chronicles her own play date challenges. I promise you'll feel a little better as you read along. And if you don't submit your story!

Have you been on a bad play date? How did you handle it?

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