Hand Print Ornaments


Can't believe how fast your kids are growing? Preserve their hand print this holiday with this recipe from Lesley W. Graham for making hand print ornaments. I'll be making these this year...it's hard to believe how fast it's all going. Sometimes after they go to bed at night, I sneak in just to look at their little hands. Capture them for your tree this year!

Image from Lesley W. Graham

Image from Lesley W. Graham


Free Printable Ornaments 

Printable Paper Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Ornaments


easy printable paper ornaments

Printable Paper Ornaments

Some cardstock, scissors, and ribbon is all you need to mix up your tree this year with these printable paper ornaments.


Creative Christmas: Ornaments

Jen Price shares a wonderful round up of handmade ornament patterns from around the web.

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Graduation Tassel Ornament

The end of school is near, and in just a few weeks caps will be tossed in the air across the country.

costco holiday wreath

How Many Days Until Christmas?

Are you already feeling the spirit? Or do you want to knock out that plastic snowman in Costco?

Hand-Made Mother's Day

If there was ever a holiday to make something with your own two hands, it's Mother's Day! Remember keeping that macaroni necklace and glitter-laden card a top secret as you squished it into your backpack and headed home on the friday before mother's day? I still have that bursting-with-pride-oh-I-hope-they-like-it feeling as I give a handmade gift! This year I'm giving my mother several framed pictures of my daughters and I, along with a little mini-book she can keep close-by with special pictures and space for her to write her memories in.