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Halloween Potato Stamp Treat Bags

Last year I decided to buy inexpensive paper treat bags. I cut a pumpkin stamp from a potato and my kids stamped the bags. Then we filled them and called it success.

I refuse to pay more than a few pennies for each Halloween treat bag for my kids' classmates. Candy is prolific, junk gets shuffled and no one remembers who gave each other what, and in the end it's us parents sneaking mini Crackle chocolate bars as a second breakfast treat at 9am on November 1. And all the days through November 20.

What, just me?

Last year I decided to buy inexpensive paper treat bags. I cut a pumpkin stamp from a potato and my kids stamped the bags.

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Then we made caramel corn, filled the bags, tied them off with orange yarn, and called it success.

And it was.

Except I forgot to take a picture of the final product, so here's someone else's version of Halloween potato stamps...or what I think were made that way. Thanks for saving my day, Celebrations.




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