Guide to Workout Nutrition


Something happened when I started going to the gym and added weight training to my workouts.

  1. I got a gnarly case of The Shakes after a workout.
  2. I awoke the next morning (I workout at night) feeling weak and lightheaded.

Then my husband got a hold of me and scolded me for not following my workout with a protein shake. So now I mix chocolate whey protein powder with half-water-half-coconut milk. It’s delicious and I don’t almost pass out on the way to the coffee pot in the morning!

BUT, I’m still confused by the whole carb versus protein thing when it comes to working out. This infographic from Greatist helps A LOT.

greatist workout nutrition guide

If you include cardio and weight training in your workout be sure and scroll all the way down to “Nutrition for Circuit Training”.

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