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Guide to Deals and Discounts on Healthy Food

Whether you’re an avid coupon clipper or just getting started, this guide will be one of your new best friends for finding the greatest deals on some of the healthiest foods.

Whether you’re an avid coupon clipper or just getting started, this guide will be one of your new best friends for finding the greatest deals on some of the healthiest foods. Every little bit helps take the sting out of the premium price tags typically associated with organic foods and over time this list will be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for you. Bookmark it and revisit it whenever you’re making your grocery list.

Search Tools and On-line Shopping:

Retail Me Not: Enter key words or store names to search over 90,000 coupons.

Ecobunga: Great guide to giveaways and deals on food and beverages, as well as many other eco-friendly products.

Health eSavers: Has a wide variety of products (not all organic or natural) and the offers change monthly.

Mambo Sprouts: This is a great site for organic and natural coupons, giveaways and more. You can even sign up to have a whole coupon book mailed to you. This isn’t a coupon finder, but an on-line store. They have a green and natural store where you can find discounted organic baby and toddler food (among other things). There’s free shipping on orders over $25 so it’s definitely worth checking out. Yep! Amazon now has an on-line grocery store with a sizeable organic section and many sales and discounts. Use a scrutinizing eye, though, as many things appear to be discounted but don’t really end up being less than what you’d pay at a store. Also, you have to figure in shipping. They do have a membership plan where you can pay $80 for a year of free shipping, but that cost must be figured into your overall budget to calculate if you’re really saving money or not.

Specific Manufacturers

(Some of these sites have downloadable coupons and some you have to sign up for a newsletter that has special offers. Some offers are only for a limited time and change often so check back regularly.)

After the Fall

Brown Cow Farm

Coleman Natural

Country Choice Organics

Earthbound Farm

Earth's Best

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Eden Foods


Health Valley Organics

Horizon Organic

Imagine Foods

Laura’s Lean Beef

Knudsen Juice

Organic Prairie

Organic Valley

Mrs. Meyer's

Pearl Soy

Seventh Generation

Simply Organics

Stonyfield Farms

Whole Foods Market

(Note: Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement.)

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