Green Living: Pura Kiki Baby Bottle Review

A stainless steel baby bottle that will grow with my little one? Sign me up.

I love a good stainless steel water bottle. Even if you’re willing to overlook all of the spooky issues with leaching plastic (even BPA-free plastic), there is a point when a plastic bottle just can’t be cleaned enough to get rid of an odd taste and smell.

When my preschooler started using sippy-cups I stocked up on another brand of stainless steel bottles and when I was pregnant with my son, I was excited to try out the Pura kiki.

A stainless steel baby bottle!

Pura kiki review 1

The best part? The Pura kiki converts to a sippy bottle when the wee babe is ready. Or when my daughter begs to use it. My Pura kiki works with the Avent sippy spouts that we already had in the house.

I had a hard time convincing her that the purple bottle with the kicky orange sleeve wasn’t for her.

Oh yes. The sleeve.

Pura kiki review 2

My one beef with my beloved stainless steel bottles?

The noise.

Holy smokes. If you’ve ever heard a stainless steel bottle hit a tile floor, you know what I’m talking about.

People, little hands drop things ALL. THE. TIME.

My old stainless steel bottles are hammered. (Even my big one, because...something about apples and how they fall near trees...) The sweet pink stainless steel bottle that was the first one I bought for my girl had to be retired long ago because the paint flaked off from the damage of dropping it.

The Pura line includes a silicone sleeve that hugs your the bottle. I dampens the noise if it gets banged around, protects the pretty paint job, gives little hands something to grip, and keeps hands from getting too warm or too cold depending on what your little one is drinking.

We’re going to need two more. One for each kid AND one for me. Although, I’m pretty sure I can manage with just a flat cap.

The nice folks at Pura sent me a Pura kiki bottle to review. As always, my post and opinions are my own. 

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