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Gopher Problems

I have gopher problems.

I tried very hard this year (first time ever!) to grow a vegetable garden, and out of some green thumb miraculous event, it actually worked. Here's the tomato section...over the fence! I'm telling you, it's a shocking miracle.


Now let me show you what my hopeful little heart encountered yesterday morning when I went outside to water...


In case this photo isn't clear, this is an image of my formerly strong tomato stalk DANGLING two inches above the dirt. Some dirty little rodent with big chompers has been busy and is essentially gnawing a hole in my heart with his appetite for root eating.

For awhile now my husband has been trying to tell me that we have a gopher. I told him that he was wrong. His only basis was he felt like when he walked on the lawn, part of the ground underneath felt a little less firm, like perhaps there was a tunnel underneath. I told him we would see evidence. So about three weeks ago, I saw evidence. That furry little thing dug up two holes in our lawn and I even saw the dirt move. My dad recommended something very violent with a pitchfork but the peaceful animal loving vegetarian in me told him I couldn't do that. That was before that little piece of work hit my tomatoes. So my husband mended up the holes in the lawn and even though I knew that it most likely hadn't left, we had two weeks of gopher free peace and quiet. And then it found my tomatoes.

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I might cry.

And I'm afraid to go outside this morning to see what else that little beast has done.

What's your best gopher advice? Bombing under a vegetable garden seems less than organic. I need help fast!

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