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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Switchouts

It's time to switch out your wardrobe, get started on your fall cleanup, and organize before winter.
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I don't care that it's still 90 degrees out during the day, I am more than ready to say goodbye to summer. I'm sick of the heat, the gardening, and the short sleeves. I want some sweaters, boots, and falling leaves, please. I live for spring and fall, endure summer, and bide my time in winter.

Yesterday morning I opened my first can of pumpkin and made the best pumpkin muffins (stay tuned for the recipe.) I've turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows. And just like spring, I do some of my best organizing and clearing out during autumn. Here are a few of the fall switchouts and updates I'll be making in the next couple weeks.

Switch Out Your Wardrobe and Home for Fall

photo source: Tom Olliver

Wardrobe Switchout

  • Clear out any summer shoes that are broken, too worn, or hurt
  • Donate any shoes you didn't wear last fall and winter so they don't take up more space
  • Put away your summer tanks and shorts
  • Donate any summer clothes that don't fit, or you didn't wear this season
  • Cull your winter wardrobe as you pull it out to get rid of pieces you no longer want or need
  • Go through your makeup and toss anything you haven't used since last fall
  • Get rid of any broken costume jewelry
  • Clean and condition your leather purses or accessories

Kid Wardrobe

  • Go through your kids' gloves to make sure they each have a match
  • Underwear inspection! Make sure everyone has the right sizes
  • Sock inspection! Make sure everyone has the right sizes and matches
  • Donate any books your kids are tired of
  • Toss toys. Be ruthless.
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Readying your House and Car

  • Check your 72-Hour kits for expired items (batteries, too) and replace them
  • Clear soffits and gutters, checking soffits for any kind of nesting wasps
  • Turn off outside water (if your climate freezes)
  • Swap out your summer car kit for a winter kit (blanket, new emergency supplies)
  • Inspect your tires (or have them inspected)
  • Have your car detailed, or, even better, make your kids clean it out

Kitchen Update

  • Clean out your fridge
  • Toss old or unidentifiable items from the freezer
  • Go through your pantry and toss anything expired or funky
  • Make a few pie pastries to keep in the freezer for emergency apple pies (this may be just for me)

What do you do to get ready for fall?

After I've done all these, I'll be breaking out the paint. It's time to freshen my walls before we coop up for the winter!

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