God Doesn’t Save You From Things; He Saves You Through Them

God Doesn’t Save You From Things; He Saves You Through Them
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Earlier this month, the Clemson Tigers made history, beating the Alabama Crimson Tide in a showdown-to-the-end college Football championship game. But it wasn’t the way they played that made me love Clemson (who I had actually never been a fan of), it was the way their head coach, Dabo Swinney, led the team off the field… that’s where the real lessons are learned.

Here’s what he said after the win:

“I believe God doesn’t save you from things; he saves you through them.”

He was quoted saying this when asked about his troubled childhood with an alcoholic father who left the family. As the youngest of three sons (and the only one still at home when his parents divorced, Dabo worked hard to help his family financially, literally cleaning gutters, to support his single mom. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of this, he focuses on how God has saved him through them. He truly believes it was the cards that God purposefully handed him. He has worked hard for everything he’s received.. Including bringing the national championship title back to Clemson.

We all have our stories. It might not be as drastic as being raised by an alcoholic father but imagine if we could take this perspective? God needs us to go through hard things so that he can save us through them.

“Let the light inside of you always be brighter than the light that’s shining on you! If you focus on this, you’ll be OK.”

This was his pre-game talk with his team before taking the field in the biggest games of college football. He believed that ‘only God could do this’ and he led his team to believe this. He knew that they would have a big light shining on them as champions but what is most important, is that they are letting their light inside of them burn bright!

How often do we let the external things weigh more heavily on us than what we can control? I know I have. I’ve allowed the light inside of me be a bit dim by the kudos or external light that is shining on me. But here’s the thing, people can think 1000 different things about us. If we don’t believe it about ourselves, we will never be champions.

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