Gluten Free Eating in Disneyland


We have a Disney trip coming up in a few months and while I always look forward to their Dole pineapple whips, churros, and incredible cookies, I've been worried about what my son will eat.

He's currently gluten free and dairy free (he does drink goat's milk) which can definitely present some challenges. I usually bring food with us to restaurants but it would be nice to not have to fly with our gluten free bread, and he probably shouldn't spend two days consuming only Popchips, convenient and delicious as they may be.

If you're gluten free and planning on going to a theme park, Disney is the place to be. With an up to date list in City Hall on Main Street of gluten free dining options, you can plan your meals in advance.

Click here to read to get the gluten free eating in Disneyland scoop with a list of restaurants and gluten free options at Gluten Free Glamour Girl. Disney does it right!

I wonder if they have goat milk available on request?

Image from Gluten Free Glamour Girl

Image from Gluten Free Glamour Girl

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