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Glop & Glam Hair Products Review

I love when my posts lead me to new and exciting places and products!
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My Spas For Kids And Teens post for Spa Week caught the eye of Allison of Glop & Glam Hair Products, carried at one of the spas I mentioned — our very own Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound.

She contacted me to see if I would be interested to learn about and sample a few products from their line. Um, yeah! My little one has tree and grass allergies so any products used on his skin must be gentle. I was thrilled to find out that Glop & Glam products are made with organic and natural ingredients, and free from parabens, sulfates and alcohol. And of course, this makes all their products tear-free!

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So just what is Glop & Glam? They are a hair product line made for both boys and girls ranging from toddlers to tweens. Created by Andrea Ridgell, a salon owner and mother of two boys of mixed descent (she is Caucasian and her husband and co-owner Nathan is African American). She found very few if at all effective and safe products for kids that addressed different hair types.

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In the hair and skin-care industry since she was 16, in 2007 Andrea and Nathan used her hands-on experience to begin the research, design and development to create the solution themselves.  Together, they filled the void of specific focused children’s hair finishing products available on the market. While other companies offer either “safe” products for children or products that actually style hair well, no company has been able to bridge that gap and provide both.

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There is a separate line for girls (Glam) and (Glop) for boys… and my 8 and 11 year olds had the pleasure of sampling both. We were sent the Glam Candy Apple Shampoo, Glop Cake Batter Conditioner (both have lice preventative ingredients), Glam Creamsicle Leave-In Conditioner And Detangler, Glop Chocolate Controller, and  Glop Watermelon Hard Candy Gel.

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I was a little skeptical, at first, of the controller and candy gel because I am African American and my husband is of mixed descent himself.  Hair finishing products tend to get flaky in our boys’ hair.  But after hearing Andrea’s story, I knew it would work for us.

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Yup, it’s right on the bottle… you know what’s in each product and it smells exactly like its name.

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Since my kids take baths at night (and loved using the shampoo and Cake Batter conditioner), in the morning both boys spray on the Creamsicle Mist. As a leave-in conditioner and detangler, it makes their hair so much easier to comb.  My little one’s hair has a looser curl than his brother, and he loves when I put in the Hard Candy Gel to define his curls.  It’s not a stiff product, so his hair stays soft but defined.  We don’t need much to make a difference, but you can add more product for serious hold.

My oldest preferred using the Chocolate Controller…he’s in the process of growing out an Afro (allegedly…), so he liked the edge control it gives.  My hair is in braids, so I used both the controller and the gel on my hair where it peeks out from the braids. I was surprised that it had a pretty good hold.

The boys have never used specific hair products outside of those 2-in-1 products or for serious efficiency, 3-in-1 products (body wash/shampoo/conditioner) since they are definitely of the wash-and-go crowd.  However, they are getting older and those types of products just aren’t cutting it.  My hair texture is coarser than theirs, so I’ve always been a product junkie but I’m realizing their hair needs just as much care as mine from the start, rather than at the end with oils and sprays.

We give G&G 6 very enthusiastic thumbs up and will be purchasing more of it in the future.  Want to try some yourself? They are all over the place…from beauty supply spots to salons.

Visit their website for more product information, tips and tons of styling photos in the gallery.  Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook and watch product demos on YouTube.

Where to find G&G products in our area (or clickherefor store locator):

All Ulta Beauty locations (click here for store locator)

Bothell (at Country Villages)  – Bella and Max

Redmond – Brat Pack Family Salon

Bellevue – CF Kids Salon 425-643-5437

Grand Mound – Great Wolf Lodge/ Scooops Kid Spa

Seattle (at University Village) –  The Salon @ Kid’s Club


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