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4 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Girlfriend Getaway NOW

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I celebrated my 36th birthday a week early by flying across the country and eating my way through the NYC on a girlfriend getaway with my loyal friend Mel serving as tour guide and part-time host.

We ate:


because, priorities

Caught a Broadway show I'd been dying to see for months, hopped the subway all over the city and basically just had ourselves a right good time.

 Mel and me and some guy's mouth on the subway.

Mel and me and some guy's mouth on the subway.

The trip wasn't planned up until about 48 hours before I hopped on a red-eye and buzzed on out of town and that almost made it better somehow. 

It was an epic food tour and a marathon walk-and-see fest for a couple days and when I left, I went home well rested and tired at the same time, but feeling more like myself and ready to go to battle with my every day normal once again. I realized that these girlfriend getaway trips are more important than we might give them credit for and because I care, I've broken it down into 4 reasons why: 

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  1. COST FRIENDLY - It's sure a lot cheaper and more convenient only buy one plane ticket and split all major expenses with friends. Paying for only your meal rather than the meals of you and your spouse and all your kids too, MUCH more friendly on the old pocketbook.
  2. RELAX TO THE MAX - Let's be real, it's great to make memories with your kids and spouse and all, but those memories take work. Any family vacation is most certainly not a vacation for the mom. In fact, I challenge you to find me a woman who's ever come back from a family vacation well rested and re-charged. Jokes on you, SUCH A THING DOES NOT EXIST! Vacationing with friends means you get to do all the things that you don't get to do (like NAP, or sightsee, or shop at your leisure) when you're busy making sure none of your children get abducted by strangers, or wander off into crowds, or walk out in front of a bus. You know, average mom stuff. Vacation with friends means you get to leave alllll your cares and worries behind! 
  3. STRENGTHEN THOSE BONDS - Honestly, travel is a good way to really test out and strengthen those friendship bonds much the same way that it can test and strengthen any other relationship. Basically, if you can survive a trip with the people that you love and trust, you can continue to love and trust them. Besides, what better way to bond with your tribe than to brave airport traffic or hours on road trips all while eating and exploring new places together. It's pretty much a make it or break it recipe for success. 
  4. FILL UP YOUR TANK - You know what I'm talking about. Whether it's kids, or your job, your marriage, or just the everyday, mundane stresses of life we all need a little escape to rest and recharge. Nothing seems to fill that tank quite like a trip with your friends. It's when you don't have to worry about anything else, when you can say as many grownup 4 letter words as you want and laugh at as many inappropriate jokes as you want and basically just lay aside all of your cares for a day or two. 
 Not an engagement pic, just me and my best girl on a whale watching excursion in Newport, CA.

Not an engagement pic, just me and my best girl on a whale watching excursion in Newport, CA.

I've been everywhere from New Orleans to NYC to the coast of Southern California and a few places in between with my squad of trusted pals.

 The French Quarter, beignets ahoy!

The French Quarter, beignets ahoy!

Believe me when I say that a girlfriend getaway is just what the doctor ordered, in fact, you should consider it routine maintenance and required for optimal daily functioning.

I'm already looking ahead to my next trip, to where I'm not so sure quite yet. But I'm keeping my eyes on flights and ready to pounce when I see something good. Have you been anywhere fun with your lady squad? I want to know! 

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Girlfriend Getaway NOW

4 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Girlfriend Getaway NOW.


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