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Get Some Sleep!

Getting enough has been tricky since Erin started heading to an office each day.
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We’ve had quite the shake up over at our house in the last two weeks.

This work-at-home-mom is now also a work outside the home mom. My husband who was just two weeks ago the work-an-insane-number-of-hours-a-week-Dad is now a stay at home Dad.


While there is sure to be a great many more posts about the tricky juggle of making that lifestyle swap with my husband, today we’re going to talk about sleep.

Yes. Sleep.

Getting enough has been tricky since I started heading to an office each day.

I am woefully out of practice when it comes to packing lunch, ironing clothes, and slapping on more than mascara each day. So I underestimate how long it all takes.


In my head, my pre-bed routine of packing lunch, prepping breakfast, getting the coffee pot ready to go, and addressing my clothing needs should take about 10 minutes. In reality, it takes about 45.

I know! Food prep gets me every time. Now I understand the appeal of Hot Pockets.

(Just kidding. No, I don’t.)

This has led to some surprisingly late nights...and yesterday it caught up with me.

I yawned through my drive home, sat glassy-eyed on the side of the bathtub while my daughter brushed her teeth, and practically dozed off during a reading of The Lorax. After the kids where in bed, I began to pull out my workout clothes with every intention of hitting the gym.

As I was standing in my bedroom...eyes heavy...clothes in hand, my husband came into the room, took one look at my gym clothes and said, “Really?”

I shrugged.

You should go to bed. You didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Oh. Right. The previous night I had received a visitor and ended up sharing my side of the bed with a not-so-wee 4-year-old girl.

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I decided that my husband was right. That I would go to bed.

It was 8:25 PM.

As I lay down, I felt silly. All of the things that I should be doing rattled through my head, but I remembered a text message I’d received from my mom last week.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is the key to managing stress and keeping balance. 

I was sound asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

When my alarm went off at 5:30 AM, I practically cartwheeled out of bed. Coffee was brewing and actually pulled on of those cheesy coffee commercial moves and inhaled deeply and smiled at the thought of starting my day.

I know. So dorky. 

But as I motored through my morning, I felt like a new woman. Who wouldn’t after a whopping NINE HOURS of sleep?!

As I bustled through my morning routine, I churned out to-do lists, sent Rachael some artwork design ideas, and jotted down notes for work.

Getting a good night sleep cleared the cobwebs out of my brain and seemed to hit the reset button for me.

Now, am I going to get that much sleep every night? Of course not. Maybe one night a week? Doubtful. But you can bet your booty that I’ll try to do it every other week or so.

As parents, we stay up late or get up early to get chores done, work, spend time with our partner, or carve out time for ourselves. But I’m here to champion the fine art of hitting the hay early every so often.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

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