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Get Screened Giveaway - Closed

Find out your heredity risk for colon cancer and enter to win a great prize--KitchenAid, Kindle, iPad, TV, the choice is up to you (or enter all of them!)

Life is full of surprises. Some surprises are wonderful and enriching. Other surprises...not so much.

As parents we often go to substantial degrees to make sure that we’re prepared for unhappy surprises—stashing extra diapers in the car and Band-Aids in our bag.

Now it’s time to give ourselves a little of that preventive attention by finding out if you’ve got risk factors associated with certain hereditary cancers—Colon Cancer to be exact.

We know you’re busy, but Colon Cancer can be prevented! So take this quiz to find out if you’re at risk.

If it turns out you’re at risk, take the big leap and get screened. Knuckle down and get a colonoscopy if the occasion calls for it and try to spare yourself one unpleasant surprise. Better yet, there's a genetic test to find out if you carry certain genes for hereditary colon cancer. Knowing this will help you map out your prevention plan specific to you. Remember to talk to your spouse and extended family and remind them to get screened as well!

Here’s the bottom line...we want you to get screened. So we wondered how to get that point across? We all spend time in front of so many “screens” (computer, iPad, reader, digital camera) and it seemed logical to go BIG.

So to keep Colon Cancer screening top of mind, we’re giving away lots of screens. You can also enter to win a gift certificate to Nordstroms so you can pick out your own little bright and shiny something. While we're at it, we figured we'd toss a Kitchen Aid Mixer in so you can bake something wonderful to eat while looking good in front of all of those screens!

Get Screened - Enter to win your choice of prize AND know your risk

You may or may not elect to watch the video of your colonoscopy on these devices if you win.

Up to you.

How to Enter:$5oo to Nordstrom Winner - Shelley C of Houston, TX Flat Screen TV Winner - April H. of Grand Prairie, TX Canon Camera Winner - Lana M of Dothan, AL Kitchen Aid Mixer + A Kindle Canon Camera Winner - April W of Croswell, MI iPad Winner - Kevin P of College Station, TX Kitchen Aid Mixer + A Kindle Winner - Stephanie P of El Dorado Hills, CA Canon Camera Winner - Justina M of Berea, KY Canon Camera Winner - Christina A of Susanville, CA

NOTE: You'll be asked to take the quiz on step 5 for each contest. As long as you've taken the quiz once we'll have your entry on file so you should be good to go. (i.e. You don't have to take the quiz 9 times!)

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