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Get Rid of Your Voicemail

When I read last week that Rachael had taken email off her phone I was inspired to take something off my phone, too: voicemail.
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I hate voicemail.

Voicemail used to be an office thing. Then some idiot decided it belonged on cell phones and I've had to check voicemails ever since. I hate it. I hate computer system, the way that if you reboot your phone it comes up as a new voicemail, how you have to call-in, all of it.

People have this annoying way of thinking that if they leave a message you are now responsible for completing whatever it is they want done. I don't want to be drafted into something because you left me a voicemail. No. I don't want to do it. And visual voicemail isn't much better.

I can see who called. I am capable of calling them back, if I remember/want to. Texting, email, Twitter, Facebook, calling back--all ways to contact me without leaving me a voicemail.

Stupid calling into a number having to hit 7, then 7, to delete, yes I'm sure, delete the freaking message!

A while back I changed the greeting on my voicemail (ugh, recording greetings) to say "Thanks for calling but don't leave me a voicemail because I don't check them. Text and email are the easiest ways to contact me, thanks!" My mom called me and said my greeting was rude.

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"That's because I HATE voicemail, mom! I hate the stupid icon on my phone telling me there's a message. I don't check it for weeks. It's time consuming and annoying."

So when I read last week that Rachael had taken email off her phone I was inspired to take something off my phone, too: voicemail.

I called my cell phone provider and when I got through to the customer service rep, I asked them to delete my voicemail box. AND THEY DID IT. The whole process took less than two minutes.

I am voicemail free!

So if you want to leave me a message, you'll have to find another way to do it.

Remember, technology is on your terms. You can decide what you will and what you won't allow. If you don't like a feature, hate texts, wish people wouldn't call you, whatever it is, cut it out. You are as reachable or unreachable as you choose to be. You are the master of your fate, or, at least, you're the master of your voicemail.

 Is there a technology that you'd like to eliminate? 


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