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Get More Organized: My Desk

I want you to pick one area of your house that needs organization love, and tackle it this week. I'm picking my desk, what will you pick?

Remember back when I shared with you my terrible laundry room? Well, I'm back in true confession-ville today. My desk, which also serves as my filing, bill paying, sewing and craft area is so, so scary. And it sits right out in the open of my family room, taunting me.

messy desk

I've been staring at that pile of crazy with the intent of fixing it for weeks. My entire house has been struck down by a plague--not the plague, a plague--and I think we're finally doing better. I spent much of March laying on my couch hacking up my left lung, pulling the last Kleenex out of the box, and reaching the end of the Boogie Wipes, that I'm ready to get some crap done. And this week is the week that it gets done: so help me Internet, I will get more organized if it kills me. And you. And your goldfish (who was pretty doomed already.)

I'm challenging you.

Let's get organized together. I want you to pick one area of your house that needs a little organization love and tackle it this week. I don't want you to pick something totally unattainable (organize my entire house including everything in the basement as well as seasonal decor items.) Pick the one closet, the one pantry, the inside of your car, your shoe closet, your daughter's closet, and just do it. Send me before-and-after pictures so that you have the motivation to finish it.

My Desk Organization Goals:

  1. Clean out the junk
  2. Organize the magazines and media
  3. Create a space for paperwork and mail
  4. Space for thread, needles, and other craft tools
  5. Sewing machine placement
  6. Prioritize projects
  7. Place for kids' work and important docs
  8. General office supply organization

I think that's doable, don't you? What space are you picking? Now, I dare you to send me your "Before" pictures to carina at so that you've picked a clear goal and set yourself a challenge.

Ready, set, GO!

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