Gatti Town – Not Your Average Pizza Buffet!

Gatti Town (not to be confused with Gatti’s Pizza) IS awesome!
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I was literally blown away how perfect this restaurant suits a family.

Not only was Gatti Town in a great location (close to Frisco’s Stonebriar mall and adjoining shopping plazas along the freeway), but it was new, clean, and the employees were helpful and courteous to us, newbies.

After paying an admission price, it was easy to spot the centrally located buffet. The menu consisted of pizza (of course!), pasta, salads, and dessert. Once done with grabbing food, we were faced with choosing a place to sit (there were three areas with varying themes).  We chose to sit in their movie theater which was showing “The Incredibles.”

One of the Three Seating Options - a movie theater

You’d think we had taken the girls to Disney World by their grins on their face and I have to admit, I couldn’t wait for them to finish their food so we could check out their midway (which by the way, didn’t disappoint!). There was a carousel, bumper carts and games galore. I loved how there was ample room to move about and how easy it was to spot kids.

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Enjoying the Midway With Daddy!

All in all, we had another great time at Gatti Town. The next time we visit, we’ll have to ride along their train which was stationed outside of the restaurant.

–  Cool Playground Mommy


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