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It's a game changer - Boogie Board Review and Giveaway

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I once bought my kid a ream of paper for Christmas. We happened upon a stockpile of outdated letterhead that kept my kids occupied for a good while. Now that there are three kids drawing and practicing their letters, it can be a mess of papers. While we haven't gotten rid of using paper in our house, we discovered the Boogie Board line of eWriters and we're hooked.

I first saw Boogie Boards at an interactive children's area in a museum. It is kind of the same concept of a MagnaDoodle - write and erase. But, the screen allows for clear writing and the back light shows your whatever you've written brightly. It uses LCD technology allowing you to write, draw, doodle and erase the board with a press of a button. I received a Boogie Board Sync to review but my son loved it so much that he used some of his birthday money to by himself his own Boogie Board.

For me, I still find satisfaction in writing a to-do list. The original Boogie Board has magnetic strips so it can replace my scratch pad on the fridge. The Boogie Board Sync kicks it up a notch by having the ability to sync your notes using Bluetooth. I can write a grocery list and sync it to my phone.

 Party planning with my Boogie Board.

Party planning with my Boogie Board.

Boogie Board Thank You's
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I've used dry erase boards and dry erase books when traveling or going somewhere to give my kids something to do quietly. Dry erase boards/books were an easier way for my kids to draw and write on the go versus paper and crayons/markers. Dry erase boards have been great for my kids but there are drawbacks and that's where Boogie Boards show a great advantage over both dry erase and paper. First, they're super lightweight and thin. With a stylus that snaps right in, there isn't need for me to also bring pens, markers and crayons. And, they aren't messy. It's fantastic. When we're on the road my kids can play hangman or draw or write notes without markers ending up all over them or the car. My girls are constantly practicing their letters and having the Boogie Board is perfect.

 Serious business while waiting for big brother.

Serious business while waiting for big brother.

 Doodle games while in the car with the Boogie Board.

Doodle games while in the car with the Boogie Board.

We love Boogie Boards in our house. And I'm sure you will too. It's just a great product and I'm super excited that we are giving away one Boogie Board Sync to a Today's Mama reader. Enter below. Good luck!

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