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Funny Cat Videos

I find cat videos to be funny, and cat people will watch anything with a cat. Here you go.

Disclaimer: I am not a cat person and don't own a cat, ostensibly because my husband is allergic; truly because I believe a cat will eat my face off while I sleep. Still, I find cat videos to be funny, and cat people will watch anything with a cat. Here you go.

Sad Cat Diary

There's a Sad Dog Diary too, but I didn't find it as funny. Don't play it aloud at work unless you have a pretty free environment.

Cat Riding A Roomba

I couldn't stop watching -- this cat could jump off at any moment, but he's all, "So what if I'm wearing a shark costume and bumping into stuff. I'll move when I wanna move."

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Cat Friend Vs. Dog Friend

If people acted like our pets, this is what a Cat Friend and a Dog Friend would look like.

My son loves cats and recently started walking my mom's cat on a leash. It is the weirdest and most hilarious thing to me.

cat on a leash



Mr. Rogers Factory Videos

Mr. Rogers factory videos aren't gone! They're sitting over at PBS, waiting for us to watch them with our kids. (The crayons are still the best.)


Remember When Mom Shot My Cat

She really did shoot my cat, except it was a kitten. True story.

Friday Video Break

In the interest of day dreaming, wasting time, itching to get outside, and overall being DONE with this week, here are four videos to get you through the next half hour.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.45.36 AM

Create Videos with Framy, Hilarity Ensues

This new app is an easy way to start making the stuff your dreams are made of. No really, that funny dream where you are tickling a dinosaur? Framy can do that.


Vodafone #Firsts Viral Video: Nanas Fly For First Time

Vodafone's #Firsts video goes viral with two Dutch nanas who fly in an airplane for the first time. A-dor-a-ble!


When Discipline Becomes Anger & Creates Fear

If you were seven, raised in an orphanage, adopted into a new country and trying to learn English, wouldn't you be frustrated and rebellious? The entire idea of trusting people is foreign to this boy, and then he enters a house where...well, I don't see a feeling of trust when I watch this video segment.

Mr Peabody and Sherman poster

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Movie: Behind The Scenes and Fandango GIVEAWAY

I had no idea computer animation is so much work and that many teams of people invest their hearts and rich talent in a project like this.

Imagine Dragons Walking The Wire

This Imagine Dragons Video Will Make Your Heart Explode

This latest video. It melts my heart into a giant puddle. Sure, I may have a soft spot for twin baby girls but oh. my. heart.