Friday Round Up: Long Weekend Edition

A few eye-catching posts from around the web, just in time for the long weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook connect us with large groups of people spread far and wide. During a week that saw so many awful storms across the country, on more than one occasion I checked in on Facebook or Twitter to see messages like, “Tornado sirens are going off, I’m tweeting from the closet” or “we just got home from the shelter, our house is safe but others in our area weren’t as lucky”.

Scary stuff.

People like to bash social media. Newspapers and magazines like to run stories about mothers that ignore their kids because they are too busy “tweeting”. Let me suggest that the fact that we can all connect and share the good, the funny, the frustrating and the downright frightening is a magical technological evolution. Because sometimes all we want to know is that we’re not alone. Especially, I imagine, when hiding from tornados in the dark.

It also serves as a reminder to stop complaining about the incessant rain we’ve had in our area.

Glistening lilacs. Notice I did not say “water logged lilacs”...silver lining, people.

Glistening lilacs. Notice I did not say “water logged lilacs”...silver lining, people.

Here are a few posts that caught my eye this week:

So, the world didn’t end, but this last list of to-do’s is wonderful.

Mmmm, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars!

I’ve mentioned my love of “must have” lists. Here’s one for the first six-months with baby, from a mother of four.

Great date night advice.

Oh, how I want to do this project. My kiddo would love it.

Summer’s sneaking up on us—enjoy it!

Have a glorious weekend!



The YAY Friday Round Up

I am looking forward to spending a little time this weekend with my feet up and a milkshake in my hand. Until the moment arrives, enjoy some of the great stuff that landed online this week:


The Yay Friday Round Up

This morning I woke up with the overwhelming urge to purge. Someone warn my local thrift store....I’m about to bury them in Gap denim and khakis, circa 2001.


Weekly Round Up

Here’s hoping your weekend is intensity-free and fun-filled. When you need to sneak in to cool off, put your feet up and enjoy a few wonderful posts from around the web...