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Freshfoods™ Mash & Serve Bowl

Recently, the lovely people at NUK® sent me their Freshfoods™ Mash & Serve Bowl to try out on my little guinea pig.

Recently, the lovely people at NUK® sent me their Freshfoods™ Mash & Serve Bowl to try out on my little guinea pig.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

Let me tell you about this poor little guinea pig. Although he certainly looks like he isn't starving to death, his meals as the second child just aren't quite as good as his first born sister experienced as a new eater. I used to venture to Whole Foods for her and lovingly select, steam and puree extremely expensive produce. He basically eats a lot of crackers. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to review this product.

Freshfoods™ Mash & Serve Bowl

Freshfoods™ Mash & Serve Bowl

Here's what I love about this. Coming from the land of expensive produce and prep work with my first, I can really appreciate the ease of this. I was gifted a very expensive and fancy baby food maker with her, and while it has served us well, it's not portable like this magical little bowl. The first time I tried this out on little guy, I zapped some carrots in the microwave in an effort to steam them and then plopped them in the bowl and mashed them right on up. Boom. Later, I was out at a restaurant, popped a banana out of my bag and mashed it right there on the spot. Instant dinner.

When you have a baby...portable equals awesome. I also had a co-masher as my three year old was VERY interested in grinding up food for her little brother.

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While the people at NUK® sent me the bowl, that's where it ended. I was not influenced, enticed or convinced to say anything in this post other than my own thoughts on this product. And my thought is that every diaper bag needs one of these bowls to have on the ready. I have my bowl all ready to pack into my bag, and now I am going to give you a chance also!

Leave a comment with your baby's FAVORITE food and a winner will be selected to receive their very own bowl, and four other winners will receive a coupon code for a discount coupon to use when purchasing their own bowl.

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