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Freshfoods™ Cook –n–Blend Baby Food Maker

At my last well baby visit with my son, the pediatrician asked what he likes to eat. While I wanted to say how much he loves to eat organic purple carrots bought from the farmers market, in reality, the first thing that popped into my head to say was Ritz Crackers. Or toast. Two big favorites. Neither of which are organic or purple.

For a mom who feels like her baby is potentially eating too many Ritz Crackers, the Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker is the perfect way to ease your guilt. I decided to make my little Ritz monster something fresh and using the recipe book that comes with the Freshfoods™ Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker, I decided to follow the recipe for carrots and tomato with basil. No Ritz crackers in that recipe.

I set all of my ingredients out...


While my vegetables steamed in the steamer basket, I cooked the tomatoes, butter, basil and cheese up on the stove...


Once the vegetables finished steaming, I dumped them out of the steamer basket and combined them with what I had made on the stove and pureed it all in the maker...this is before I hit that magical puree button.


Here's the guy who's psyched he's not having Ritz Crackers for dinner...

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Now here's what I can tell you about this product...

1. It's SUPER easy. This isn't my first rodeo with baby food makers, and I loved how easy this was to use. Plus, I would say that the size of the basket is much roomier and held more food than baby food makers I've used in the past.

2. The recipe that I made was AMAZING. My poor son seriously had to wrestle his three year old sister AND his mother for his dinner. I'm not joking, she and I both had a bowl, and I practically want to make it again for a side dish. There's nothing wrong with a puree.

3. The recipe book was HELPFUL. I have a hard time getting too creative with these purees so when I've made food for him in the past, he's gotten...applesauce, pear sauce, pureed carrots. Meh. This sparked some creative food juices.

4. Even with the nicest little package of wonderful baby food that they sell at Whole Foods, you feel so much better serving your baby something that you actually made yourself with ingredients that you actually know where they came from. In this recipe, I used tomatoes from our garden, which I actually feel like gave me bonus points from a fresh perspective.


The fine people at Freshfoods™ contacted me in regards to this post and product, and I'm so glad they did because I thought it was fabulous and definitely made me feel better about what I was feeding my son, however please note that all opinions in this post are my own! Go out and whip something up yourself! Click here for more information.

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