Free UTA TRAX Pass

Free UTA TRAX Pass
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Courtesy of Kennecott Utah Copper. Sign up for a free, roundtrip TRAX pass to use on poor air quality days in the Salt Lake Valley.

Poor air quality is a community challenge that will require collective action by many to improve. Almost 30% of the pollution during periods of inversion is the result of transportation – specifically cars. Help do your part by carpooling, using public transit, trips chaining or telecommuting, to reduce impact to our airshed, particularly during these severe wintertime inversions.

Take the pledge to receive your free UTA TRAX Day Pass.


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Dear Politicians: Your Time Has Passed

My 8th grader came home from school today and told me about the conversation they had in Home Economics. Her teacher told the kids that if they ever had an active shooter in their school, that in her classroom, they would arm themselves.