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Do You Have Free Amazon Credits You Don't Know About? Check Here To Find Out!

Do you have an Amazon credit waiting for you?


You probably didn't know that Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other e-book retailers were part of a massive class action lawsuit judgement reached against Apple last year. If you've purchased an e-book from any of these retailers, odds are you've got some credits you maybe didn't know about just WAITING for you to claim them. 

If you bought an e-book online between the years of 2010 and 2012 you likely qualify! 

But you better hurry, they expire on Saturday, June 24th at 12 am PST!! 

Here's how to check: 

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  • Visit THIS PAGE on Amazon and click on the "Information For 2016 Apple e-books Antitrust Settlement", if you're not signed in already you'll be asked to do that
  • If you have any free Amazon credits available, the balance will show as such. You may well have possibly spent the credits in the past year unknowingly. 
  • If you've used another email address in prior years for you linked Amazon account, you might want to check under that address as well. Some people have discovered credits waiting for them this way. 

Amazon is the most accessible way to find these free credits and the most likely place you'll find them. You can check Barnes & Noble too by clicking on THIS LINK, but the process is more complicated. 

Basically, Apple tried to break into the e-book biz since Amazon Kindle held kind of a monopoly on the whole thing. Steve Jobs (RIP) sent some of his top minions to NYC to try and woo the major publishing houses to Apple's platform by letting them set their own prices and agreed to only take a 30% cut. The catch was that Apple didn't let those publishers sell anywhere else (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) for less. So, overnight prices on those other platforms jumped up quite a lot. The Justice Department and state attorney generals got involved over these inflated e-book prices and Apple got dinged to the tune of $400 million as part of a massive settlement.

This judgement has been around for almost a year so there's a good chance you may well have spent credits you didn't even know had already been applied to your account, so don't feel gipped if you don't see a balance waiting. 

Make sure you check any additional Amazon accounts you may have had, give Amazon customer service a call if you run into any problems: 1-888-280-4331.

Good luck!! 



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