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Florecita Growing Up

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Motherhood, Politics, Poetry, Videos and everything in between.

Right now, I have 3 children under 5. I'm 26 and I just embarked on my second marriage. I love my heritage, where I come from. Soy rica porque tengo una gran familia! I want to go to law school and own a business. But my ultimate goal is for my children to look back and remember how fun it was to be a kid.

I've been blogging since 2007, I want to share my stories of overcoming abuse, domestic violence and staying strong ♥ I am so happy today but the trail that led to my safe place was thorny and ambushed with pain. There were many times that I searched for answers, for someone that could tell me it was okay to feel the way I felt and rarely did I find this comfort. I would like my posts to be that for women going through the battlefield of recovery from abuse. We are women. We are strong.

My life is imperfectly perfect and i'm excited about it. Can't wait to write about what it brings!

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