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Flipping Out For Reality TV

I reality TV started taking over sit-coms. And then, I had babies. When my brain was a tired mess, reality TV was the perfect mindless garbage on which to zone out while I was nursing. Years later, I'm totally hooked.

It seems like forever ago that I watched the first season of MTV's The Real World. Much later American Idol started and I hated that show and how reality TV started taking over sit-coms. And then, I had babies. When my brain was a tired mess, reality TV was the perfect mindless garbage on which to zone out while I was nursing. Years later, I'm totally hooked.

Newest Obsession: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Gypsy Wedding isn't just about having a wedding. It's almost an anthropology show about their life in Ireland and Northern England. It delves into the Gypsies' (or Travelers, as they call themselves) strict moral code. The kids don't date or go out in mixed company -- yet the single girls wear skimpy clubbing outfits to weddings and shake their groove things at the reception to attract a mate. It's pretty typical to marry between age 16-18 (they usually quit school by 6th or 8th grade). The wedding is very elaborate [and gaudy], with the bedazzled bridal gown skirt growing to such gargantuan weight and proportions that it scars the bride's hips.

There's also national prejudice against Travelers and a constant fight to maintain their heritage amid laws that limit their lifestyle and new generations with differing viewpoints. My point? It's fascinating. I doubt the show will last for the long-haul, but for now I'm tuning in.

Design Drama: Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis is a nutcase. One minute he's incorrigible and the next he's all soft and you can tell by his eyes that he does have a heart inside his cold tin exterior. Being his employee would be hell, except when it would be hilarious. If you've got a couple of suitcases of cash and like a clean Cali look, check out Jeff Lewis Design. Long live Zoila!

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When I Share the TV With My Husband: Dirty Jobs

I love learning new things and seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff in the world. That, and Mike Rowe is hot in a craggy, manly way. He's funny, too. If you haven't seen his show, you've probably heard his gruff + smooth voice on one of many Discovery Channel shows.

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs

MTV: 16 and Pregnant


On the good side, there's a blatant message about NOT getting pregnant as a teen. On the bad side, I've heard that girls are getting pregnant to TRY to get on the show. I know, crazy. The cameras follow these girls that, to a T, think their boys are going to grow up and become responsible men when the baby pops out. And no, they don't. Everything always goes horribly wrong and there are many broken hearts, broken homes and broken families. MTV keeps the cameras rolling for Teen Mom, which follows the babes and their moms into toddlerhood and the continuing drama of figuring out their lives. If babies at 16 aren't enough, let's hope the idea of fame and weird public recognition don't completely do in these struggling girls.

Honestly, I'll tune into almost any show for 5 minutes, but I'm pretty jaded about the whole thing now. When Puck broke into our living rooms on The Real World, he was the guy that everyone loved to hate. Maybe he was the first fame whore, but now that's what everyone on TV does. I watch Jersey Shore and wonder if those kids were hatched. I mean, really, where are their parents? Or anyone to stand them in front of a mirror or slap them.

Who's your favorite reality star or villain?



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