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Flat Abs Fast

My kids have killed my abdominal muscles. And no matter how much weight you lose after you have a baby, things definitely shift. I'm pretty sure they shift in the wrong direction.

I just can't get that excited about crunches and planking. But this to me this exercise from looks like it might work your abs AND clean your hardwood floor at the same time. Boom. Give it a whirl!

Image from

Image from

Work it out!

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Pregnant in Flats

I’m going to pull the curtain on two little guilty pleasures about myself.

"Pregnant in Heels: Concierge Rosie, courtesy BravoTV

Pregnant in Flats

The premise of this show is that Rosie Pope is a “maternity concierge” to million dollar mamas to be in New York City. Which, as I’m looking at this pile of dishes on the counter, is SUPER relatable.

rhinestone flats

Style: Rhinestone Flats

I've been trying to buy flats instead of heels for running around everyday, but flats can be so boring. Then I found these rhinestone flats!

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Style: Summer Ballet Flats

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