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Five Brothers Create Special Wedding Dance That Leaves Everyone in Tears

You'll need a WHOLE BOX of tissues for this one!
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Kayley West just got married. She also happens to be my second cousin!

My dad and Kayley's dad were cousins and best friends. I grew up playing tennis with her dad Dave and her oldest brother. Kayley came at the tail end, the youngest, and the ONLY girl. Her brother Dustin said:

> "She was definitely his favorite. Hands down. She's the youngest, his baby girl," Dustin said. "They really just had this amazing bond."

Kayley's dad passed away unexpectedly in 2015. Knowing him my whole life I can say that he had the biggest heart - especially when it came to his family. You can hear it in his voice. Kayley's five brothers went through old home videos and saved voicemails to overlay his voice in the song "Fathers and Daughters" for their sister on her wedding day as a surprise.

The song was written by Michael Bolton who caught wind of the video:

The video has gone viral and has been seen millions of times as well as featured on CNN and USA Today.


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