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Finding Time for Me

Prior to having my baby girl, I swore up and down that I would go back to work.
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I had big dreams of becoming a CEO one day, just like my father.  Nothing was going to stop me from achieving my dreams.  Nothing.


On August 13, 2011, everything changed the instant my baby girl was born.  I looked into her big blue eyes and promised her that I would love her forever.  The thought of leaving her every day to return to a desk job was daunting.  I didn’t want to share her or even let others hold her, how could I leave her with a stranger at daycare for hours a day?

The role of becoming a stay a home mom has not come easy.  Finding the same pleasure and sense of accomplishment that I once drew from corporate world recognition is now in forms of completing loads of laundry, unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, changing diapers and making dinners.  Having conversations about latest marketing strategies has changed to encouraging word development like “ma ma ma ma” and “da da da da”.  Time spent by myself commuting to and from work and listening to my favorite tunes or chatting with my friends, now has a different meaning and is much harder to find.  At the end of every day, as I sit down to relax, I find myself wondering why there are not more hours in the day!

One of the hardest things about being a stay at home mom is finding the time for me.  When I do take time for myself, I battle my own thoughts about whether or not I am being selfish.  The truth of the matter, to be a happy and healthy mom, I need time for myself to do the things that I want to do.  To do the things that keep me sane.  To do the things that put a smile on my face.

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How can I find the time when I have a little one clinging onto my leg, a husband who is hungry and a constantly growing to do list?  Something must give!

My saving grace has been two things.  A crockpot and Stephanie O’Dea’s cookbook “Make it Fast, Cook it Slow”.  All of the recipies are healthy, budget conscious, limited ingredients and time sensitive.  Each crockpot provides a great dinner, and leftovers for the week.  Which saves the whole family time and money.

Our favorite recipe has been the whole baked chicken with fennel, kalamata olives and feta cheese which I serve over a rice or quinoa.

I find that the time that I would have spent in the kitchen prepping and cooking, I spend running, biking or swimming or doing nothing, which is doing something.  When I am able to do the things that make me happy, I am a much happier mama and wife.

What trade-offs have you made to find your own “me time”?

Be well and take care mamas!


Me Time for Real Life

Trying to find “me time” is giving me high blood pressure and making me cranky. According to the media, and a few delirious friends, I need more focus on ME!

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Don’t Hate Me Because I Train For Ironman

On July 19, 2012, The Wall Street Journal posted an article called “Don’t Hate Her For Being Fit“.

Taking Time Out For Me

What’s a mother to do when you’re kids are screaming and crying, your husband is at work, you’re trying to cook breakfast, and you have yet to change out of your pj’s and comb your hair? Run away and wait for the storm to pass?

Mini Me

I have always been fascinated with photos from my childhood. The blonde haired, cheeky faced girl with the sturdy thighs (‘big Buddha’ is what my husband will tell you – I prefer the term ‘healthy’) fascinates me.

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Dancing to Her Own Beat

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were rocking out to Ke$ha and I got this great idea.

Time Trials

The other morning, I was digging around for something in the back of my closet when I found a framed photograph I’d stashed there in one of my fits of manic tidying.

Finding the Joy in Life

I have always found in amusing whenever I do speaking engagements how most of the audience assumes my life has been a “bed of roses.” Throughout my 33 years I have experienced an array of circumstances that may have seemed “hard” but these specifics moments have brought me closer to who I am.

Time for Everyone but YOU!

Two things have saved my sanity when it came to taking care of myself and, though I would expect that you would have to modify these ideas to fit your own lifestyle, here they are for what it’s worth: