Finding Online Coupon Codes

My husband spent over 15 years in corporate purchasing.
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This taught him to be an extremely smart shopper – which I get to reap the benefits of, especially on big purchases.  It’s not uncommon for him to spend several hours (or weeks, it can seem sometimes to me, a more impetuous shopper) researching a purchase before turning over the credit card.

But one tip I’ve learned from him is that before I make ANY purchase online, I check certain sites to see if the retailer I’m using is offering a discount.  In fact, sometimes I start here first — with some promotions, you have to enter the retailer’s website through the promotion code website to be able to get the deal. 

Here are my favorites:

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  • Retail Me Notwww.retailmenot.com: Proving that a new entrant can quickly take market leadership, this relatively new source for online coupons is my personal favorite.  Coupons are posted by users, who also then give feedback on whether or not they worked for them.  Lesson:  if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  Five minutes trying different codes during the checkout process can save you tens of dollars.  That’s like making over $100 an hour!
  • Coupon Cabinwww.couponcabin.com:  One of the early sites that has remained a mainstay for online bargain hunters.  Consistently gives me good results for promotion codes.

If the product you are purchasing may be available at different online retailers, it’s always worth your time to check out www.nextag.com.  NexTag will compare prices at different online shops and let you know which as the best deal.  For big ticket items, definitely worth it.

Happy Shopping!


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