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February Photo a Day Challenge 2013

Want to take a stab at a February photo a day challenge? Me too!
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If I had to commit to one social network, it would be Instagram.

I love snapping photos and chronicling the little slices of my life that add up to the whole juicy pie.

But what I really enjoy is seeing my college roomie’s newborn baby hours after he was born, or Carina’s backstage photos from The Killer’s concert, photos by friends during their travels and yes, so help me, I want to see what everyone is eating for lunch.

Sometimes a girl needs to shake things up though. It can’t be all cute kids and co-workers so I look for inspiration in the form of a good photo a day challenge.

Want to take a stab at a February photo a day challenge?

My favorite monthly lists come from Fat Mum Slim, not just because the daily prompts are fun and open to interpretation, but because Chantelle has upped the ante on this project. Her post includes calendar reminders, more detailed daily inspiration, and she highlights her four favorite photos each day on her Facebook page. Use #FMSphotoaday on Twitter or Instagram to participate.

FMS Feburary Photo a Day Challenge 2013
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If you want something a little less structured, give Project 365 a whirl and make an effort to snap a photo every single day and use #project365 to tag your photos.

That voice in your head...the one that’s saying “but it’s February, I blew my shot at a daily photo project”...tell that voice to hit the road because this should be FUN, not another nagging item on your to-do list to barrel through.

I’ll admit to picking and choosing. To popping in and out. To flooding Instagram on the weekend and going dark Monday through Friday. So whether you’re a die hard daily photographer, or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants snapper, I want to meet you on Instagram—my username is @tm_erin.

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