February Love Mix - Lullabies for my First Born

Few things in life are sweeter than the songs you sing to and play for your babies.

Few things in life are sweeter than the songs you sing to and play for your babies. Oh yes, I have oodles of music that makes me think longingly of my husband but the songs I’ve played for my girl will always hold my heart firmly in their grip. Especially since we’ll bring baby #2 home in a few weeks...it seems like you spend a lot of time singing that first year and I find myself wondering if I’ll use the same songs or if he’ll inspire different tunes.


Not all of these are all love songs. Some of them are pretty nonsensical when you consider them as lullabies, but hey, if it gets the job done and you know all the words, everyone wins.

Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music

Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III

Two Hearts (Baja Sessions) by Chris Isaak

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

What If You by Joshua Radin

Something Stupid by The Mavericks

Answer by Sarah McLachlan

Sunrise by Norah Jones

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Rocky Raccoon by The Beatles (I do modify the lyrics, A LOT, when I sing this ditty.)


Kelly goes 80's!

February Love Mix: The 80s

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Love Gone Wrong Mix

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A Love Song Mix A Day: Songs For Our Family

This is a mix of songs that fill our house with love. Songs that our kids play. Songs we turn up when we’re together in the car. Songs that were playing when my daughter was born last year, and yes, songs that my dear husband and I love.