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Featured Blogs: Going Green

Changing the world one step, one product, and one service at a time. Our featured blogs will share and encourage simple, everyday ways we can cool down the global climate and leave the world a better place for our children.

Going Green, A Step-a-Day Program for Lazy Suburbanites

Author: ‘Burban Mom, aka Erin

Erin is a self-proclaimed suburbanite slob and mom of two realized her daily actions were contributing to the rapid decay of the planet. In an attempt to mitigate that damage, she is trying to make one change every day that will lighten her ecological footprint. Erin hopes to encourage other “average joes” to do the same.

Changing Products. Changing Services. Changing the World

Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt is a speaker, writer and business developer for sustainable products in the women’s market. She trusts in “Purse String Theory” because women determine over 80% of all consumer buying. Her blog aims to help women purchase and promote fully sustainable products, thereby redirecting the business climate and cooling down the global climate.

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Easy Ways to Go Green

Going green doesn’t mean giving up the things we love, the things we depend on, and the things that make our life convenient.

Green Links

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“Green” Your School

Schools offer endless opportunities to teach and practice care of the earth. As parents, we can help our children’s schools adopt earth-friendly practices and influence our children to be mindful of protecting earth’s resources.

Green Mom Loves Mother Earth...

Does any of this sound familiar? Carbon Footprint…Global Warming…Living Green…maybe you’ve heard these terms tossed about in the carpool line of massive SUVs AC blasted, engines running for the 45 minutes that it takes to pick up your children from school.

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