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Since digging through information about energy can require, well, so much energy—we’ve picked three energy related blogs for you to peruse.

Since digging through information about energy can require, well, so much energy—we’ve picked three energy related blogs for you to peruse.

Alternative Energy Blog

News, views and strong opinions on Alternative Energy resources.

Terra Rossa

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A forum where “red staters” agree on the power of the marketplace to meet our economic, national security and environmental goals.

The Energy Blog

The Energy Blog is a place where all topics relating to The Energy Revolution are presented and form the basis for discussion.



Featured Blogger - Educated Nation

Part of our commitment with The MamaVote Project is to bring you the best of the blogosphere. In keeping with our back-to-school theme, we bring you Educated Nation.

Featured Blogger - The Soccer Mom Vote

We're always excited to bring you the best of the blogosphere and wanted to do the same when it came to moms and politics. The Soccer Mom Vote is a blog made up of eighteen thoughtful, articulate mamas who write about timely topics at the intersection of politics and motherhood. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off the MamaVote!

June Featured Blog

If you’ve ever watched the news and thought, “well, that’s bad news, but what can I do about it?” then we have just the blog for you.

April Featured Blogs: The Doctor Weighs In & The Healthcare Blog

This month the MamaVote project brings you resources on Healthcare, a topic that is top of mind for most families. Healthcare costs can be unexpected and expensive so we’ve selected two blogs to share that will keep you up to speed on health-related news and developments in America.

May Featured Blog

This month we’re featuring the blog “Pundit Mom” because we’re big believers in the idea that moms have a unique perspective on many important topics, politics in particular…

Featured Blogs: Politics For Moms

: This is where moms go for their daily dose of politics. Politics For Moms does not endorse candidates or ideology. It is simply a resource for moms to educate themselves on the political process and on the candidates and issues so they can make an informed voting decision

Featured Blogs: History News Network

History is inescapable. Who we are and how we react to events depends, to a great extent, on our past. The History News Network, a non-profit corporation, hopes to remind Americans of the complexity of history. Gil Troy blogs for the HNN and writes about current political happenings in context of history. HNN believes history is complicated and thus open their work to people of all political persuasions.

MamaVote Featured Blogs for 10/27/08

We’re now in the home stretch – with the election only days away, we’re bringing you our favorite political blogs. We’re featuring a conservative and liberal blog, side by side, for your reading pleasure…or aggravation. Check them out here.