Father's Day Gift - One Share


Need a Father's Day gift, but have a dad that's impossible to shop for? Why not give him a share of his favorite company? One Share is an easy way to buy a framed share of corporate stock.

One Share Coca Cola

Yes, you'll actually own the stock which means Dad can vote on shareholder ballots, earn a dividend and watch the price rise and fall with the market. You can choose from companies such as Honda, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson or even Disney. Since One Share has made it so easy to buy stocks, why not invest in a share for your kids or a graduate?

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The opinions expressed here are my own. Since you are actually buying stock, you'll get lots of fine print to read before you purchase.


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With father's day sneaking upon us, you guessed it - I'm hear to sing the praises of a handmade gift for the special dad in your life! I mean, what man wouldn't want a quilted tie or macrame laptop case to waltz into a business meeting with?