Fate Led to This Amazing Newborn Photoshoot

Two newborns, coincidentally named Romeo and Juliet, were both born hours apart at the same hospital. So naturally, cute photos followed...
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By Brittany White, Editor

They were born just hours apart in the same hospital.

These two were simply meant to be!

Two newborns, coincidentally named Romeo and Juliet, were both born hours apart at the same hospital last week. 


According to this article from The Today Show, parents Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby boy, whom they named Romeo, on March 19. Eighteen hours later, Christiana and Allen Shifflett welcomed a baby girl, Juliet — right down the hall at the same hospital.

What are the odds!


Cassie Clayshulte, who is a photographer at the South Carolina hospital where Romeo and Juliet were born, snapped photos of the newborns together in the hospital. 

After getting permission from both sets of parents, Clayshulte posted those photos on her Facebook account last week, and that's when the story of the star-crossed lovers went viral. 

When the families reunited the babies at Clayshulte's studio for an interview and photoshoot, they decided to go with a Shakespearean theme in tribute to their names. 


"They did great, which is rare for non-twins to be snuggling together," Calyshulte told ABC News about the babies shooting together. "They held hands and nuzzled each other and they didn’t cry until we took them apart."


 And luckily this story has a happier ending than its counterpart. The four parents have become friends and already have plans to reunite their little lovebirds.

"We have already talked about getting together for one year photos for the kids' bir
thday as well as senior year photos," Hernandez told The Today Show. "We have found an amazing friendship within Juliet's family."


We can't wait to see what the future holds for these little munchkins!

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