Fashionable Green…The New “Black”

I just returned from a few days in NYC (woohoo!) and everywhere you look, going green is the latest and greatest. NYC may be one of the “greenest” cities out there.

I just returned from a few days in NYC (woohoo!) and everywhere you look, going green is the latest and greatest. NYC may be one of the “greenest” cities out there. Everyone walks…everywhere. My daughter and I (with our girlfriends in tow) set the pace and were speedwalking from store to store…windowshopping from organic tees to organic totes…when we tired after 50 long city blocks…there were pedi-cabs to finish the day’s journey.

Upon our return to Atlanta, the everyday walking that we experienced was a distant memory. This month…I am going to keep my car parked on weekends and make a point to walk with the children, and make a point. We are talking the talk, but are we walking the walk? (Literally and figuratively!)

“we are living greener…”

“we’re recycling…”

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“I’m choosing a reusable tote at the grocery store and no more plastic bags…”

I sometimes hear these comments, and it’s great! But we need to do more. We really do need to live differently. I’m going to start a Living Green Chart for myself, my husband and the kids…we’re going to challenge ourselves to make a difference each and every week in our everyday lives to help protect our planet.

Hmmm, I feel another motto coming on: Use, NOT ABUSE Mother Earth!



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