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Farmer Gal's Market

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Both a written and photographic journal, Farmer Gal's Market is a blog about family, food, photography and farm life... All written by a simple gal living a simple life and trying to keep it that way. Stop on by!

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I Miss the Farmers Market

I’m firmly rooted in the “buy local” and “go organic” camp, but people, it’s practically WINTER here. Mama needs to bridge the seasonal snack-gap.

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List of Dallas Area Farmers Markets

List of Dallas Area Farmers Markets.

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San Diego Farmers Markets

San Diego Farmers Markets

I Married An Irish Farmer

This time of year is all about the hustle and bustle. Time for a blog that serves as a nice little break. Take a peek into the life of an American city girl and her life with her handsome Irish Farmer husband. Imen McDonnell shares recipes, photos, Irish culture and family life on her blog, I Married An Irish Farmer.