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Farewell Summer: We Kicked it Together, Old School

I’m bidding farewell to my summer. And let’s face it – I’m pretty sad. I didn’t do as much as I wanted. But I’m making a list (and you should to) to show myself that we indeed rocked this summer the way we should have.

I’m bidding farewell to my summer. And let’s face it – I’m pretty sad. I didn’t do as much as I wanted. But I’m making a list (and you should to) to show myself that we indeed rocked this summer the way we should have.

First of all, I’m pretty sure my summer was all about “doing without” which forced us back to basics – a.k.a “Kickin’ it Old School”

Remember how all the TV’s turned digital? Guess who lost their converter coupon (and found it last week). We did. So being the lazy people that we are, we opted out of TV for the summer. We were all ready rolling’ pretty old school on this at our house. No cable – the kids pretty much watched PBS. Their favorite shows included Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch and Word World. But I’ll tell you what – I don’t even miss the TV and I think I’m going to stay pre-digital – nay, pre-TV for quite some time. (ok, ok, we do still have DVD’s)

Our A.C. went out (multiple times). Thank goodness for an uncommonly cool summer (thank you el nino). But I’m not going to lie – it was not cool not having a.c. (no pun intended).

And finally, our rockin’ mini van that we bought last year? Jacked up. So we’ve been rolling with one car. Thus reducing our carbon footprint and sending me and the kids to the streets on foot more than usual.

Having said all that – boy did we have some time on our hands! And here is what we did with it:

* We read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We finished last week and celebrated by watching the movie with more junk food in hand than you can shake a stick at.

* We’ve gone camping with good friends.

* We walked in the gutters when it rained.

* We’ve hit lots of good hiking trails.

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* Some children finally moved into our neighborhood and they were just the right ages for my 2 oldest. Hence began the back and forth between houses and the best kind of play there is: building time machines, playing spies, inventing their own city in the backyard (“Aragog” after that big, nasty spider in Harry Potter).

* Lots of popsicles.

* A rope swing into the kiddie pool with a boogie board (yes that = dangerous).

* A garden that produced a single tomato, a single cucumber, and a peach tree that we hope will give us the one peach that is hanging on by a thread.

* We drank lemonade and ate lots of corn on the cob.

* ...and we stayed in our pajamas...a lot.

Yes, we kept things pretty simple this summer and I’m just not ready for it to end. Even as I type this I see “Jumpy” our resident squirrel running back and forth through the trees out my window, hauling his little stash of acorns and pine cones to his hideout in the backyard. He knows the cold is coming.

Life is changing before my eyes as I watch my oldest go to 1st grade and the next one headed to Kindergarten. It’s like we’ve just hit a new era in our lives. I’m glad that I’ve got a baby at home or I think I’d be having a seriously pre-mature mid-life crisis.

But all in all, I just want life to be simple and summer always seems to be at least a piece of that. Farewell summer – we’ll be kickin’ it again next year!

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