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Family Traditions- Picking Raspberries

I love traditions, something to count on year after year.
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The  tradition of picking raspberries with  sissie-in-laws and cousins started a couple years ago and is here to stay.

There is something about picking raspberries that channels my  grandma.  Being in the heat of the day pulling those raspberries off the bush makes me giddy! While the little ones chased the kitties, ran down the rows of raspberry bushes and collected raspberries (one for them, one for the container);

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I thought of all the wonderful things I would make with my raspberries. Raspberry jam, of course to go with freshly baked whole wheat bread and this HEAVENLY dessert, frozen raspberries to put in my smoothies, and raspberry slushies.

Take a morning or evening to experience raspberry picking.  You too may want to add it as a new tradition:)

Make sure to read picking info to come prepared.  We had scratches up and down our arms, but believe me it was worth it!


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