Family Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Family Activities www.TodaysMama.com

”These are my Thanksgiving Pants!”

Who remembers the episode of Friends where a very determined Joey wears Phoebe’s old maternity pants to go after a giant turkey platter ?

Maybe instead of pilfering her clothes, Joey should have taken his pals outside for a round of touch football. Maybe we all should do that. All too often, everyone is focused on preparing a wonderful meal that’s worthy of the family and friends we love, and getting outside takes a backseat.

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Family Thanksgiving Activities www.TodaysMama.com

Make this year different. Whether you’re traveling or staying close to home for the holiday, you can avoid cranky, cagey kids – as well as the need for special pants – by making time to be enjoy at least one of these family Thanksgiving activities. Here’s how:

  • Play ball! Instead of watching football, play it (or do both!). Head out to your yard or local playground for a pre-dinner game.
  • Find a 5k: Thanksgiving morning “Turkey Trots” have become almost as popular as attending the local high school football game. Find out if there’s one near you, and then run or walk it as a family. If your child is too young for the distance, bring him/her along in a backpack or stroller. Click here to find a turkey trot near you.
  • Hit the bike trail: A holiday can be a perfect time to enjoy a normally busy bike path. Remember to bring wind-blocking clothing, gloves and a thin hat for you and the kids to wear under your helmet.
  • Walk it off: Feeling full? Round everyone up for a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood. Or head out in the morning before the festivities start to have some quiet family time and share what you’re all thankful for this year.
  • Chalk it up to nature: Not enough time for a hike or bike ride? Grab some sidewalk chalk, a baseball and glove or jump rope and step outside for an hour. Just a short time in fresh air can be enough to stave off cabin fever in the kids (and you!).

What’s your plan for getting outside on Thanksgiving?


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