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Family Christmas Card Tradition

Does the responsibility of Christmas Cards land squarely on your shoulders, mom? Raejean Roberts shares her handmade tradition that includes the whole family.

What’s your family’s Christmas card tradition? Is it Mom buys or makes the Christmas cards, Mom signs the Christmas cards, Mom writes the Christmas letter and Mom addresses the envelops? That used to be how Christmas cards worked in our family too. It’s amazing what one little set of twins can do to a Mom! It was challenging to find a free hand to cook and clean, much less tackle the busyness of Christmas. We did some serious simplifying that year, including the Christmas cards!


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china at christmas

Christmas in China

When we moved our little family to China last fall, one of the last things I was expecting to see, come December, were Christmas trees.

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Tradition is one of my favorite words, and probably my favorite Christmas word.