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Fall Goals and My Dream Board

This time of year is like the 2nd "New Years". What's next for our kids and the school year, what's next for the holidays, and what's next for us personally.

Erin and I were doing some fall planning for and we started to talk about Fall and Back to School. Erin summed it up well when she said that
We change our schedules, we make new resolutions and goals, the rhythm in our homes changes. I seem to cook more, I do things that are not characteristically me (like canning and crock-potting). We go through a little harvest season and we start thinking about what's next. What's next for our kids and the school year, what's next for the holidays, and what's next for us personally.

I found myself wandering around the other day thinking about her 25th season and what they must have up their sleeve and I stumbled across a very cool tool. A Dream Board builder! (and it's pretty much made of awesome). So I jumped in! There are lots of things in my life right now that need adjusting and that takes vision. I laid out this very "zen" dream board for myself.

Zen Board

But wait. There's more. Let me lay THIS on you. We are currently running a promotion with Avery based on the same things I outlined at the top of my post. You know, because it's "Back to School" for everyone and we are all making big plans. Well, I realized I could take my "O Dream Board" and export my design and IMPORT it into my very own dreamy binder.

Did you feel that?

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I'm all about writing down your plans and visualizing them to put them into motion. Even better, storing all of my hopes in dreams encased by the good mojo of my dream board binder. How could my dreams NOT come true? Be warned 2010/2011 school year. You are mine. (or at least you are mine in a very relaxed, abundant, healthy, zen way - like my folder . . . )

I leave you with screenshots of my binder in all of it's glory.

The "Front" Side

The "Front" Side

The "Back" Side

The "Back" Side

What would you do with your binder? Remember to tell us HERE for your chance to win your own customized binders and a whole pile of "Back to School" goodness!


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