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Evolution of the Camera Bag – Jo Totes Giveaway

I love my camera.
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But when I’m out and about with my kids, it is one more thing to fit in to my bag or purse. Until about a month ago, I didn’t have a camera bag that I used. Sure, I had the large square camera bag that came with my first DSLR, but it essentially stays put in our office where it houses our camera equipment.  So how did I solve this problem? I put my camera in my backpack, wrapped in my old diaper changing pad. Or, I’d put one of my short lenses on it and put it in my purse. I rarely, if ever brought more than one lens. It wasn’t practical. I have a feeling there are a lot of you that are in the same boat. So many parents today have DSLRs and I suspect that a lot of people love their “big camera” but not the big camera bag.

Clearly, there were others who were way ahead of me in thinking this way. Jo Totes makes camera bags that are beautiful (and fashionable!) but that are an easy way for you to safely carry your camera and camera equipment.The camera bags from Jo Totes are a perfect hybrid of a purse and a camera bag. You get the function of a camera bag but the ease of a day-to-day purse. I am a total convert.

I had a nice diaper bag. I loved it and used it and brought it everywhere. When I was pregnant with twins, I determined that I needed an even bigger diaper bag with even more room and pockets. I loved it and used it and brought it everywhere. Now that we’ve been out of diapers for more than a year, those diaper bags literally collected dust until I got rid of them.  It dawned on me, why are we so quick to buy bags for our diapers but don’t instantly consider buying a bag for our cameras?

I have the Gracie camera bag by Jo Totes. At first, I was worried it would be too much bag for me – too pretty and too big. After all, the models on the website are very pretty women and chances are, I would be wearing a hoodie and jeans. Would I look silly with a purse camera bag?

I’m not a big purse woman. I don’t carry big, pretty purses. After using the Gracie camera bag for over a month now, I can’t believe that I didn’t even consider a camera bag like this sooner. It’s not bulky. It’s beautiful – I get compliments constantly. I’ve carried my camera much more than I did before which means I’m taking more pictures which means I’m getting better and better. Here’s the funny part. I love it so much, I’ve been using it as my purse even when I’m not carrying my camera. It’s just that great.

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The Gracie has so much room for my camera equipment but the bag doesn’t wear me. It is the perfect size. Not only can I fit my camera and a couple of lenses, I can fit my Kindle (there’s a pocket that can fit your iPad), obviously my wallet, keys and phone and I can even fit snacks for my kids (ahem, me). One of my favorite features is that I can wear it with a shoulder strap or a cross-body strap. I really like the interior fabric which is a silky smooth fabric (hence, no lint on my lenses). And the endless options for all the hidden pockets still surprise me.

All of the Jo Totes camera bags come with moveable interior pads so that you can configure your camera bag how you like it. And if the Gracie is bigger than you need or want, there are so many other choices (and colors!). Which Jo Totes camera bag would you choose?

One lucky reader will win their very own Jo Totes camera bag! Enter below via Rafflecopter. The contest closes on Friday, November 8th at 12:00 PM EST.

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Disclosure: I received the Gracie camera bag from Jo Totes to facilitate this review and giveaway. Opinions are my own.


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