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Entertainment Center Curtain

With a scooting baby, we knew we wanted to do a little bit of baby-proofing.
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We want to try to just teach him to stay out of stuff, but there are some things that we wanted done around the house to go with it. One thing was that our entertainment center didn’t have any doors. It was a great thrift store find a few years ago and we didn’t mind the lack of doors until we were thinking about keeping little hands out of our stuff. So instead of buying a $200 entertainment center like I wanted, I spent less than $10 and made a curtain for it. It’s not completely baby-proof but it is out of site and out of mind (usually).

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2 Tension Mounted Curtain Rods

Paint (Optional)


1.Measure out how big your finished curtain needs to be (just height x width of the opening) add two inches to the width and four inches to the height.

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2.Sew a hem on each side, just to finish the edge and keep it from fraying or anything.

3.Sew a larger hem on the top and bottom, so that you can fit the tension rods through.

4.(I haven’t done this part yet) Paint your finished project, I plan on adding a stenciled monogram and family name to mine, so that it compliments our decor but who knows when that will happen!

5.Slip the curtain on the tension rods and put them into place, at the top and bottom of your shelf. Now to get to your stuff you can just slide it to the side and slide it back when you’re done. It also hides the mess, and I was able to hide the power strip in there, and its more convenient to get to, so that you can shut it off at night.

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The baby does try to get into the entertainment center still, (there are very tempting blue lights you can see through it still) but it gives me enough time to notice he’s trying to get into it so I can stop him before he gets to anything expensive or harmful. He is slowly, but hopefully surely, learning not to get into everything but I think it looks better than seeing all of my cords, so I plan to keep it! Hopefully this helps you out for any of your open shelving that needs a quick fix!


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